Consulting services for Hotel Chains

Hotel groups or chains often have an internal revenue department, however the experience Vertical Booking has acquired over the years in the many aspects of revenue management working with thousands of hotels and hotel groups worldwide, represents an additional resource to help increase revenue.

Revenue management isn’t just about pricing, but involves a range of factors such as corporate marketing, loyalty programmes, Metasearch Integration, and more.

The Vertical Booking team of revenue and consultancy specialists defines a detailed and customised action plan based on the specific needs of the hotel chain, focusing on the following:


  • The Vertical Booking revenue team analyses the initial revenue and distribution performance in detail
  • Based on the results of the analysis, Vertical Booking will recommend the most effective rate strategy

CRS optimisation

  • As hoteliers have to manage more and more elements of their reservations in a dynamic and flexible way, a fully integrated platform which allows the management of all online and offline distribution from one single panel is essential, even more so for hotel chains
  • Optimising use of the features of the Vertical Booking CRS (such as the CRO, Upselling tools, Rate Checker, etc..) with support of the Vertical Booking revenue specialists saves time and increases revenue

GDS Corporate Business

  • The GDS can only be used to its full potential if all the marketing and sales opportunities it offers are taken advantage of
  • Vertical Booking offers dedicated account management for GDS distribution with a special focus on corporate opportunities
  • With the Vertical Booking CRS, it is also possible to manage corporate agreements on the Booking Engine platform

Loyalty programs

  • Customer loyalty has always been important, especially for hotel chains, so it is important to choose the right strategies and systems for managing loyalty programs
  • Drawing on years of experience, Vertical Booking can advise on the advantages and opportunities of different loyalty programmes
  • The Vertical Booking CRS allows hoteliers to manage all kinds of group agreements, including for loyalty purposes, on the booking engine platform in a complete and flexible way

Metasearch optimisation

  • Metasearch engines have become important distribution channels in recent years, and it is now key that they are managed effectively
  • Vertical Booking advises on the opportunities provided by the Metasearch Engines integrated in the Vertical Booking CRS, such as Trivago, Tripadvisor, Google HPA, KAYAK, and Skyscanner
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